Pinecrest Tennis for Adults and Juniors

The tennis courts are open year-round (weather permitting) and for use by Pinecrest members and their guests when playing with a member. If you have questions or suggestions you can e-mail or contact any Board member.

Tennis court access cards can be requested by e-mailing Each family is eligible to receive one card. There is no charge for the initial card. Lost cards are replaced for a $35 fee.

Upon entering or leaving the courts ensure that the door is closed and locked behind you. Do not prop open the door. If other players are on the courts then wait until they have finished their point or other appropriate time before passing through their court so as to not interrupt their play. If you believe someone using the court is not a Pinecrest member then you can report this by e-mailing

Power to the lights is on an automatic timer. Players are able to turn on the lights between dusk and 11 pm by pressing the three green buttons to the left after entering the courts. When you leave the courts turn off the lights by pressing the three red buttons to the right of the exit door.

When you are finished playing tennis make sure that you do not leave any trash. This includes tennis balls, ball cans, tops, water bottles and any other items you used while playing. It is up to each of us to keep our courts looking great.

The courts are open to members unless reserved for a Program.

Additional rules are included in Section G of the Pinecrest Rules and Regulations.

Reserved Court Schedule

All 3 Courts Reserved 8AM-12PM for NVTL Matches on the following dates:

May 14, May 21, June 18, July 16, August 6 and 13.

Tennis Clinics/Group Lessons reservations:
Court 3 reserved for tennis lessons:
Mondays and Wednesdays: 4PM-7PM

Court availability is on a first come, first serve basis with Priority of Play rules applied.  

Priority of Play

Court changes are made on the hour

Play is limited to one hour for singles and 2 hours for doubles when other players are waiting

Players who used to court for a fraction of an hour must vacate on the hour when other are waiting to play with the standard 1 hour for singles, 2 hours for doubles time limit when others are waiting.

Please contact the Pinecrest Board if you would like to reserve a court for special events.