Board Meeting Minutes

Swim and Dive Reps Introduction

  • Dive Reps announced the Evan Melnick will be the new dive head coach

  • Dive currently has 9 divers registered

  • Swim currently has 79 swimmers registered (20 new swimmers)

  • Backstroke flags have been order and shipped (not yet arrived)

  • Schedule for swim and dive is posted on the swim/dive website

Board Positions

Rich moves into the Swim and Dive Liaison position ALL other positions remain the same.

Parking Lot

Motion Passed-proceed with the cheaper parking lot milling and resurfacing quote.  Billy has worked with the company on other jobs and will work to negotiate additional price concessions..

Pickleball Debat

  • Motion Passed- Will line the basketball court for pickleball and NO lines in the parking lot

  • Motion Passed- Make one of the three tennis courts a multipurpose court (pickleball and tennis), by marking two pickleball courts on one of the tennis courts.

  • Cost of the line markings has/will be added to the parking lot quote

  • Motion Passed- Total cost for pickleball equipment needed is ~$1500

Gift for Dan

Passed- $250 gift card and a nice bottle of something he likes (bourbon)


  • Hornet treatment will be happening at the end of April and hoping it will resolve the issue we had last summer.

  • If it does not resolve it, we will look into a larger scale treatment.


  • 499 memberships sold w/ 1 sale still pending

  • 4 offers were expired or declined

  • 4 currently on the waitlist

  • 3 planning to sell memberships back to club


We discussed the possibility of a few different events at the pool.  More to come on this later.