Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date – January 18th @ 7pm

Attendance – John, Billy, Rich, Kevin, Mark, Vu, Joe, Jenn, Matt

Budget Update 

  • Clubhouse renovation cost was $120,000
  • Currently $175,000 in reserve
  • No update from county regarding imminent domain

Swim and Dive Update

  • The swim and dive policy has been updated by Board Rep and Swim and Dive Reps
  • Quick overview of policy was done but it will be emailed for everyone to review and comment on next meeting

Grounds Update

  • New quote for lawn care 
  • Mark suggested a FAQ for questions that were asked in the survey. Kevin, will send these out to board members to answer these questions.

Tennis Update

  • Resurfacing is required in the coming months with 3 options
    • Complete resurface which would cost around $100,000
    • Attempt to fix area where the leaks are coming from (need quote)
    • See if warranty is still valid and can be fixed that way
  • Vu will be getting in contact with companies for quotes of the above

Membership Update

  • Waitlist is currently down to 98
    • Joe emailed the next 20 families on the waitlist and several did not reply after multiple attempts and were removed from the waitlist. 

Pool Operations Update

  • Locked in NV for another 2 year contract with 4% increase each year
  • Lane line covers arrived 
  • Security and Speakers install will cost $19,500


  1. Fully fund 1% of membership allocated to low income families – NOT passed
  2. To increase general membership from 500 families to 600 families.  PASSED for this to pass, it will have to go to a membership vote
  3. Raise initial membership fee from $1,600 to $2,000 – PASSED
  4. Security and speakers install – PASSED
  5. Assess all members a one time fee of $400 to match the new initial membership cost – NOT passed

February 1, 2023

Attendance- John V, Mark L, Billy E, Rich K, Jenn Z, Vu N, Kevin M, Debbie P.

Not in attendance – Joe S

John brought the meeting to order at 7:30pm

Matt – All funds come out of reserve

  • White coating is going to be redone.

  • Filtration system, Vacuum and Water Heater (vote – passed)

  • Pinecrest Signs – $3,000 budget for new sign

  • Diving Boards – one board needs to be resurfaced, NV can complete this.

Membership Report:  All memberships are sold and all 2021-2022 dues were paid.  There are 63 families on the waitlist.  Mid-February I will send an email to the families to make sure they are still interested in Pinecrest membership in order to clear the list of families who have changed their mind.  Last year 26 families sold their memberships back to the club.

Mark –

Quote for pavilion is $45,000 (12ft x 20ft) board has requested a quote for bigger pavilion.

Volleyball court – need a solution for the bees.


Court needs some attention – there are several dead spots in the courts.

Water is seeping up 2-3 days after rain. Can attempt to seal or repaint ($14,000+).

Electrical Box exposed wire – needs to be repaired for safety reasons.  Will get quotes for repairs.

Rich –

Agreed to host all-stars 2024 and 2025.  Would like board approval to host Divisional Meet in late July. (vote – passed).  Motion to open pool at noon on mornings of Saturday swim meets (Passed)

Swim team items cost $1200 – vote to pay for it all (pass)


Annual board meeting – Wednesday March 29th as tentative date.  New board member interest deadline is March 1st.


Suggested that ALL coaches are lifeguard certified paid for by the pool (passed to get quote)


Budget reviewed by board and deemed acceptable for distribution.

October 26, 2022

Attendance – Jenn, John, Rich, Mark, Billy, Joe, Vu, Matt, Kevin

Membership – All memberships paid, 56 on the waitlist

Budget – Reviewed budget

Eminent Domain – At Pinecrest and Fox Mill they are planning to redo the whole intersection.  Impact on us is minimal, but lawyers contacted John to discuss the possibility of going back to the county to ask for more money.

All Stars – NVSL has asked Pinecrest to host 2024 and 2025 individual All-Star

Motion to to host all-star – 9 voted yes

Improvements – Rear door to enter the basketball court/pickleball court

– Suggestion to make the gate even with the front of the tennis court to allow less traffic on the courts.  Matt to get quotes

– Explore costs of adding another pickle ball court behind the tennis courts

Social – Social events went well and Jenn is asking for another $1000 for next summer. Billy mentioned hosting two events that members pay for.

Mark – Investigate pavilion cost, first quote was around $45k… Board approved to investigate further.

Rich – Swim Team to request some equipment for team/all stars

Billy – Vote to get new computer for front desk – passed

Quickbooks Update – passed

Security Upgrade – voted to investigate further

Bonuses – $1700 for lifeguards – Passed

Pay Debbie More – Bonus $1000 to end year, Raise to $10k for next year – Passed

Vu – Tennis had a great season. Pickleball seemed to go very well.  Monday night pickleball intros went great! Finished the LED conversion around the courts and pool.

Need more benches – $250 each

Mowers have damaged light/wire covers – need to look into cost to repair

Matt – Board passed vote to buy new vacuum cleaner roughly $3500

April 14, 2022

Swim and Dive Reps Introduction

  • Dive Reps announced the Evan Melnick will be the new dive head coach

  • Dive currently has 9 divers registered

  • Swim currently has 79 swimmers registered (20 new swimmers)

  • Backstroke flags have been order and shipped (not yet arrived)

  • Schedule for swim and dive is posted on the swim/dive website

Board Positions

Rich moves into the Swim and Dive Liaison position ALL other positions remain the same.

Parking Lot

Motion Passed-proceed with the cheaper parking lot milling and resurfacing quote.  Billy has worked with the company on other jobs and will work to negotiate additional price concessions..

Pickleball Debat

  • Motion Passed- Will line the basketball court for pickleball and NO lines in the parking lot

  • Motion Passed- Make one of the three tennis courts a multipurpose court (pickleball and tennis), by marking two pickleball courts on one of the tennis courts.

  • Cost of the line markings has/will be added to the parking lot quote

  • Motion Passed- Total cost for pickleball equipment needed is ~$1500

Gift for Dan

Passed- $250 gift card and a nice bottle of something he likes (bourbon)


  • Hornet treatment will be happening at the end of April and hoping it will resolve the issue we had last summer.

  • If it does not resolve it, we will look into a larger scale treatment.


  • 499 memberships sold w/ 1 sale still pending

  • 4 offers were expired or declined

  • 4 currently on the waitlist

  • 3 planning to sell memberships back to club


We discussed the possibility of a few different events at the pool.  More to come on this later.