2023 Survey Results

The results of the survey are outlined below for your awareness. In addition to the survey results, members asked questions as part of their survey response.  The answer to those questions are also included below.

37% of membership responded to the survey

Assessment Amount
$0 53 28%
$500-$1000  87 47%
$1000-$2000 29 16%
$2000-$3000 9 5%
$3000-$5000 7 3%
$5000+ 2 1%
One Time Assessment Ratings
1 51 27%
2 26 14%
3 41 22%
4 36 19%
5 33 17%
Increase Membership Ratings
1 29 15%
2 26 14%
3 32 17%
4 39 21%
5 61 32%
Capital Improvement Ratings
New Clubhouse 106* 57%
Tennis/Pickleball 23 12%
Pavilion 9 5%
More Deck Space 49 26%
* Several members put new clubhouse as their option only because there wasn’t an option for “none”

Additional Questions:

What’s the purpose of a Pavilion between the pool and tennis courts?

A shelter in the grass between the pool and tennis courts would provide much needed shaded break area for tennis and pickle ball players during the summer months.  It would provide a casual meeting spot for family members.  Finally, some type of shelter would provide a retreat area to leverage during rain/thunder for the 45-minute required pool deck clearance time period.

What options are available to modernize our facilities:

Our original clubhouse has been in place for over 50 years.  The board has already taken steps to refresh the existing facility with newly updated bathrooms, entryway, and lifeguard office (attached pictures).  Long term options include a building a new clubhouse or adding a 2nd floor observation deck on top of our existing structure.  We could also consider a kitchen.  A 2nd floor deck, or meeting room/game room area could be made available for private use by club membership.

What could be done to expand use and better utilize of the large grass field beyond the volleyball courts?  

Discussion is underway to explore several mixed use options including dedicated pickleball courts, an updated basketball court, shuffleboard, or even a training circuit course for membership to use all year around.  We welcome membership inputs and will send out a survey shortly to solicit additional feedback.  

What can be done to allow unlimited year around access to the bathrooms for tennis & pickleball players?   

Modernized gates, fencing, and electronic access systems are being explored to enable 365 days/year access to whatever facilities the membership would like to leverage during the offseason (September-April).  

 I like Pinecrest the way it is—can we just leave everything the same?  

Doing nothing to modernize Pinecrest is certainly one of the options on the table, and one we will explore via our next member survey.