Pinecrest Tennis Court Rules

Rules for Court Use

  • Courts are for playing tennis or pickleball only.
  • No bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, strollers, or wheels of any kind on the courts.
  • No pets and no glass containers.
  • Tennis shoes are required to play on any Pinecrest tennis court (no running shoes, soccer cleats, or flip-flops).
  • Children who are not playing tennis are not allowed on the courts.
  • Please dispose of trash in proper receptacles or take it home with you.
  • Trash service is only available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Pickleball nets are for pickleball use only. When done, place them against the far side of the fence off the court.
  • Squeegees and brooms should be hung on the fence off the ground when not in use.

Who May Use the Courts

  • Pinecrest members and their guests only.
  • Guests must be accompanied by the host member.
  • Tennis/pickleball instructors must be approved by the Board prior to giving lessons on a fee-paying basis.

Priority of Play

  • Court changes are made on the hour.
  • For tennis: Play is limited to one hour for singles and 2 hours for doubles when other players are waiting.
  • For pickleball on court #3: If players are waiting, players shall be rotated after each nine-point game. Waiting players will place their paddles along the inside fence (North side of the fence – closest to the parking lot) to indicate their interest in and place in the rotation.
  • The pickleball court inside the backyard (on the basketball court) should be used first during pool operating hours (see the About page for pool hours).
  • During pool operating hours, the back pickleball court (on the basketball court) should be used first if all 3 courts are occupied. Tennis players are requested to use Courts #1 and #2 if any pickleball players are waiting to play. If all three courts are being used for tennis, then pickleball players must wait until tennis players’ time is up.

Reserved Courts

  • Refer to the Reserved Court Schedule on the Pinecrest website for reserved and NVTL match schedules.
  • All reservations must be made in advance. Player may not reserve court while playing.

Rules Enforcement

  • Pinecrest Board of Directors and its members will enforce the rules of court play. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in loss of court privileges.