Pinecrest Pool is a great place to host your own party, whether for a birthday party, family reunion or your sports or scouting group; as a member you have the ability to use the facility as a location for a party. Only a member can book a party and you must be in attendance for the full duration of the party.

All party request forms must be emailed to the Board Social Director, (for approval and coordination with the pool management), via no less than 14 days prior to requested date. No party requests will be considered prior to May 1st and the member dues must be paid in full, NO EXCEPTIONS! Once granted approval, payment must be mailed to the P.O box indicated on the website.

How to Request a Party

If you would like to book a party, please review the appropriate party request form above and follow the directions below:

  1. Please fill in your name, date & time, contact phone number and member number
  2. Decide on preferred party location indicated on form
  3. How many people are attending the party
  4. Read party information and responsibility statement
  5. Sign and date
  6. Please email the completed form to a minimum of 14 days prior to requested date. No exceptions.

Official Pool Hours
The pool hours are 1-8 Mon – Friday and 11:30 – 8pm during the weekends while school is in session. When school is out the pool is open daily from 11:30 – 9 pm.

Party Planners
Pinecrest also hosts parties for our members. We are looking for volunteers to help organize and set those parties, please let us know if you are interested in heading a Pinecrest Event.

DJ Opportunities
If you are a DJ wanna-be, use Pinecrest Pool as your venue to put your skills to the test. All DJs please contact us at we hope to keep you busy.