Dear Pinecrest Members,

Over the last year, as we have come out of the pandemic, demand for Pinecrest membership’s has increased dramatically.  It has also highlighted the need for a strategic plan to improve our facilities for the future.  The board has received many of your inquiries into expanding the amenities at the pool.  Examples of items that have been suggested include a competition pool, splash park, new clubhouse and/or expansion, pickleball facility and a tennis pavilion.

In this journey, our first step has been to combine the two properties that make up our Swim and Tennis Club into one property so that we can utilize the full property as part of this improvement program.  This year we are well on the road to complete this effort.  As such, we are now in a position to begin laying out specifics and courses of action on improvements that can be brought to you – the membership – for approval.

In order to better understand the requirements for such an expansion / improvementprogram we are going to stand up a committee(s) to explore a variety of infrastructure improvements as well as financial options available to the club to execute them.  This committee would be tasked to research the financial and schedule impacts that an effort of this magnitude would entail   The committee would meet a few times over the next few months to research and report their findings and recommendations to the Board for review and consideration. All of which would then be presented to all members for consideration / approval.

We are reaching out to encourage members to participate in this endeavor.  In particular, we would like to urge members with backgrounds in county requirements and regulations, real estate law, permitting and construction, and finance (commercial loans) to participate in the formation of this committee.

Please reach out to the board directly if you would like to volunteer your time to help explore these possibilities.   Please be sure to include your areas of expertise so we can ensure we have the proper skill sets in place in order to make the committee and your time as effective as possible.  In order to jump start the process, we will hold an initial interest meeting at Pinecrest next Thursday, July 13th @ 7PM

Please keep in mind, this is not a committee to decide what gets built, this committee is designed to determine the cost implications to the members and the timelines to complete an undertaking of this capacity.  I want to reassure you, the Pool’s bylaws state a members vote is required in order for a motion of this magnitude to pass.  Money’s cannot be spent or loans taken unless we as a club decide to move forward together.  The last thing we want to do is put the club at risk.  This committee is designed to define that risk so that we all can make an informed decision for the future of the club, whatever that might be.

Thank you and we (the Board) look forward to your participation.

Very Respectfully,

John Vlattas

President, Swim and Tennis (Racquet) Club