2024 Board Candidate Biographies

Three BoD terms are due to expire this Spring. The top three vote earners will have full terms, and remaining votes will count towards mid-term replacements to complete any vacated term until re-election.

Name: Mark Lewis
Neighborhood/Street: Fox Mill
My name is Mark Lewis and I’m currently serving on the Pinecrest board and running for yet another term. I’ve spent most of my career in the federal IT space, most recently with Gartner, Microsoft, and Databricks. I reside in Reston and have 3 children who have all swam and coached for our Piranhas: Jacob, who recently graduated from W&M; Connor, a UVA 3rd year; and Tori, who will start in the fall at SLHS. I’m asking that you elect me for another term so I can complete my Pinecrest mission – – to ensure that those members who follow have as wonderful an experience at this Club as I have, and to deliver on an enhanced future vision for our facilities.

Name: Kevin Mallon
Neighborhood/Street: Fox Mill
My name is Kevin Mallon, my family and I have been members of the Pinecrest Swim and Tennis Club for eight years. Since moving into the neighborhood I have enjoyed being a contributing member of the Fox Mill Community. I am the head coach of the Pinecrest Swim Team and I am a teacher at South Lakes High School. In addition, the last three years I have been a member of the Pinecrest Swim and Tennis Board. I hope to continue to bring a fresh perspective to the board, influenced by my different roles in the community, and am excited about the opportunity to collaborate on current and future projects. Aside from my ties to the swim team, Pinecrest is our neighborhood pool, which my family visits daily in the summer. Thus, I am committed to making sure this club continues to appeal to all families by monitoring and improving its facilities, and maintaining its welcoming and social environment.

Name: Joe Skowronski
Neighborhood/Street: Fox Mill
Since 1996, Joe and his family have enjoyed being active members of the Pinecrest Community. Since 2018 Joe has served the Pinecrest board as the Membership Director and is seeking re-election to the board to return some of the joy and rewards his family has experienced from being Pinecrest members, and to ensure that current and future members can continue to enjoy a vibrant Pinecrest Community. The Pinecrest Swim & Tennis Club has been a focal point of summers for Joe — from volunteering with the Swim and Dive Teams during the 14 years his children, Kristen, Allison, and Matt, were Pinecrest Piranhas, to just enjoying the pool and its social activities with his wife, Barbara, and friends. Joe brings to the Board his 37 years of financial experience as a lead financial analyst for Boeing and a desire to make Pinecrest a sustainable and fun community. In his free time, he enjoys home improvement projects, preparing innovative and creative meals, learning about history, cycling and walking around the neighborhood with Ruby, the family Lab-mix dog.

Name: Katie Spano
Neighborhood/Street: Sycamore Ridge
My husband and I have lived in the area since 2018 and joined Pinecrest in 2021. We have two children, Cameran (5) and Lorenzo (2.5), that love visiting Pinecrest most weekends in the summer. I grew up practically living at my community pool in Midlothian, spent most of my childhood on a swim team and even spent 3 summers working as a lifeguard (my favorite job to date!). I would be honored and committed to serve on this board to support a fun, safe and family-oriented environment!

Name: Bryan Haymond
Neighborhood/Street: Monterey Estates
My name is Bryan Haymond and my family and I have been proud members of Pinecrest since 2016. Our connection to Pinecrest, however, goes back much further. My children are second generation Pinecrest members, carrying on a tradition started by my wife during her childhood in Fox Mill. I myself grew up in Michigan, but have come to appreciate the sense of community and camaraderie that Pinecrest offers. My two boys are active members of the swim team, and their participation has deepened our family’s involvement with Pinecrest. You’ll often find me at swim meets, either setting up or taking down the pool deck at home events, or transporting team tents to away meets. Now, I am seeking a position on the Pinecrest Swim & Tennis Board. I am passionate about making Pinecrest a first-class facility that serves as a hub for our community. I believe that with my experience and dedication, I can contribute significantly to achieving this goal. I look forward to the opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much to my family and me.